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6 Concluding Discussion
Pages 85-88

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From page 85...
... Yet there is much that is unknown about how a range of people with differing skill levels and different education levels can understand and effectively use these tools. A digital divide remains, with the people on the wrong side of the divide tending to be the people with poorer health status and poorer health outcomes.
From page 86...
... If there is not room for modification, people may not pay attention to a site or to the available information there. Another participant noted that many of the presenters talked about the importance of obtaining user feedback and observing users, which is very important in the development of these health information technology (IT)
From page 87...
... In terms of measurement, one might start with some process measures but what ultimately drives change is what is rewarded in health care. It is important to show that obtaining higher-quality health outcomes requires more effective consumer–clinician engagement and understanding.
From page 88...
... There were many anecdotes throughout the day about how people interact with their machines and their PDAs and about how games are important. Are the NAALs and the other tools for assessing health literacy valid for assessing how effectively people understand and use information to improve health when that information is mediated through technology?

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