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Appendix D: Biographies of Committee Members and Staff
Pages 125-129

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From page 125...
... 2003 solar and space physics decadal survey and he was a member of the 2006 decadal review of the U.S. National Space Weather Program.
From page 126...
... Mr. Bodeau has made multiple presentations to the space weather community on the needs of satellite designers, led a satellite industry splinter group at the October 2002 NASA-sponsored Radiation Belt Model Workshop, and has worked with the space science community to generate new plasma climatology models for GEO satellite design based on 15 years of accumulated in-orbit environment data.
From page 127...
... He also helped develop tools to assist power system operators and reliability coordinators to help ensure bulk electric system reliability. Prior to joining NERC, he worked for the Public Service Electric and Gas Company of New Jersey, and his assignments included working with fossil power production, power station engineering (fossil and nuclear)
From page 128...
... Graham has directed a large number of major studies, many of them focused on space research in biological and physical sciences and technology. More recent studies include an assessment of servicing options for the Hubble Space Telescope, reviews of the NASA roadmaps for space sciences and the International Space Station, and a review of NASA's Space Communications Program while on loan to the Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board.
From page 129...
... During her 25 years with the Academies, she has held positions in the executive, editorial, and contract offices of the National Academy of Engineering and positions with several NRC boards, including the Energy Engineering Board, the Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board, the Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, and the Marine Board.

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