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Appendix E: Select Acronyms and Terms
Pages 130-132

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From page 130...
... CME coronal mass ejection COST Cooperation in Science and Technology CRRES Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite DOD Department of Defense Dst distributed storage time ESA European Space Agency EU European Union FAA Federal Aviation Administration GIC geomagnetically induced current GOES Geostationary Operational Environment Satellite GPS Global Positioning System HF high frequency (3-30 MHz) JSpOC Joint Space Operations Center Kp index A planetary index of geomagnetic activity that ranges from Kp0 to Kp9 where Kp9 represents the most severe storm LF/HC low-frequency/high-consequence LRO Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (NASA Space Exploration Mission)
From page 131...
... Air Force USGS U.S. Geological Survey WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System

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