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8 Facilitated Open Audience Discussion: The Way Forward
Pages 86-90

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From page 86...
... system of space weather risk management and to identify potential needs and opportunities for further research and analysis. The session was organized as an open discussion structured around a prepared set of questions crafted to encourage a "big picture" perspective: • Which impacts of severe space weather events stand out as being the most important, in terms of their potential social and economic consequences?
From page 87...
... argued that attention should focus first not on prediction, but on mitigation -- on construction of hardened infrastructure able to continue operations without interruptions straight through severe space weather events. For electric power delivery, satellite operations, and other core systems, he claimed, extended service interruptions are unacceptable: hardened systems are essential.
From page 88...
... RISK ANALYSIS AND RISK MANAGEMENT The identification of potential impacts from severe space weather events led to questions about how to quantify and manage the associated risks. A widely accepted approach to risk analysis involves estimating event probabilities and then making estimates of event consequences.
From page 89...
... Part of the discussion addressed these big-picture themes concerning the overall design architecture for the entire space weather system. One participant noted ruefully that there is no overall design architecture, one that would embrace space weather monitoring, modeling, analysis, data archiving, prediction, risk estimation, and communications.
From page 90...
... 2. The potential impacts of space weather events on electric power grids are discussed extensively in other chapters of this report.

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