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... adopted common program requirements to restrict resident workweeks to an average of 80 hours over 4 weeks and the longest consecutive period of work to 30 hours, as well as other limits. Based on its review of the scientific evidence, the committee recognized that it should focus on increasing opportunities for sleep during resident training to prevent acute and chronic sleep deprivation and to minimize fatigue-related errors, rather than on simply reducing total duty hours.
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... Duty hour limits should be accompanied by specialty-specific workload reductions and additional funding to avoid unintended consequences on patient safety and residents' safety and education. The committee recommends improvements in the content of residents' work, a patient workload appropriate to learning and observation of duty hours, and better supervision with more frequent consultations between residents and their supervisory attending physicians.
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... Educating resident physicians is an exceedingly critical function of the health system to ensure safe, high-quality health care to patients in the future. A fundamental requirement of resident education is in-depth, firsthand experience caring for actual patients.

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