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3 Major Themes and Next Steps
Pages 65-70

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From page 65...
... ; • To discuss the roles and responsibilities of the international scientific community in fostering policies that promote both continuing scientific progress and greater international security; • To foster communication and cooperation among the leaders from the international scientific community and among other stakeholders in the biosecurity field; • To consider challenges to biosecurity from emerging disciplines and their regulation; and • To provide input from the international scientific community into the preparations for the 2008 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BWC) Meeting of Experts and other biosecurity initiatives.
From page 66...
... Many Forum participants emphasized that it is more effective to present ideas in more easily understood terms, and that it is important to be as specific as possible about what is meant in each particular context. Many of the presentations and discussions during the Forum also highlighted the concept that biosecurity and dual use issues in the life sciences were fundamentally about risk, specifically about assessing relative risks and developing appropriate risk management options.
From page 67...
... The Forum discussions included suggestions to begin educational efforts by highlighting the many benefits arising from scientific developments, to incorporate specific historical examples of previous misuse of science, and also to promote active thinking and learning about biosecurity. A number of participants suggested that States Parties to the BWC should commit to taking steps to advance education and that national and international scientific organizations should promote the need for biosecurity education as well.
From page 68...
... It is not clear where such funding will come from, and this is likely to remain a concern. Greater Collaboration among International Scientific Organizations In parallel with the emphasis on continuing the dialogues within the scientific community on biosecurity and biosafety, was an emphasis by many Forum participants on the convening powers of various international scientific organizations.
From page 69...
... On the intergovernmental level, many Forum participants felt that organizations such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization have critical roles to play, and are also in a position to help effectively bridge between communities of scientific experts and governmental agencies. The BWC provides the fundamental norm against the misuse of the life sciences, and the intersessional process has proved to be a valuable convening mechanism to address topics relevant to the scientific community.

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