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Appendix C: About the Authors
Pages 167-170

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From page 167...
... He has studied the peripheral and central nervous system mechanisms that underlie the generation and control of pain for over four decades. A major component of his research involves behavioral analysis of animals, including responses to peripheral stimulation in the setting of tissue or nerve injury.
From page 168...
... As a Diplomate of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine with over 16 years of experience in the field, he has worked with a vast array of animals including amphibians, cats, dogs, fish, nonhuman primates, rodents, swine, and other agricultural species. He has served as an ad hoc member of two NIH Special Emphasis Panels and as a voting member of a number of institutional animal care and use committees.
From page 169...
... Dr. Lacher dialogues with and advises coworkers on humane practices and endpoints involving animals in toxicology studies and is a member of the Dow Chemical Company Animal Welfare Opportunity Team responsible for ensuring a corporate commitment to animal welfare, both within the corporation and for studies at contract research organizations.
From page 170...
... Soriano, MD, MSEd, FAAP, is the Children's Hospital Boston Endowed Chair in Pediatric Neuroanesthesia and Associate Professor of Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School. He has been involved in anesthesiarelated investigations in laboratory animals for 20 years and is recently studying the effects of anesthetic drugs on inflammation and the developing central nervous system.

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