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... . This report on the Recognition and Alleiation of Pain in Laboratory Animals was prepared to help scientists, veterinarians, research administrators, IACUCs, and animal care staff understand the basis of animal pain, recognize and evaluate its presence and severity, and appreciate means to minimize or abolish pain, according to the charge to the committee that prepared this report: The .
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... , general guidelines and examples will be given to aid IACUC members, investigators and animal care staff in making decisions about protocols using laboratory animals under current federal regulations and policies. The committee believes that in most experimental and husbandry situations laboratory animals need not experience ongoing or substantial pain and that prevention and alleviation of pain in laboratory animals is an ethical imperative.
From page 9...
... The committee compiled the most up-to-date information available but also relied on its scientific expertise to make recommendations to uphold the principles of humane care and use of laboratory animals. The committee urges readers to consider this information carefully and hopes that this report will help link the integrity of scientific methodology to the humane care of animal subjects.

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