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Appendix C: Acronyms and Initialisms
Pages 218-223

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... Appendix C Acronyms and Initialisms ABL atmospheric boundary layer ACARS Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System AERI Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer AERONET Aerosol Robotic Network AGL above ground level AIRMoN Atmospheric Integrated Research Monitoring Network AIRS Atmospheric Infrared Sounder AMDAR Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay AMSR Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer AMSU Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit ARIES Aerosol Research Inhalation Epidemiology Study ARM Atmospheric Radiation Measurement ASOS Automated Surface Observing Systems AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer AWIPS Advanced Weather Information Processing System AWOS Automated Weather Observing System AWSS Automated Weather Sensing System BASC Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate BLP boundary layer profiler CAA Clean Air Act CALIPSO Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observation 218
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... APPENDIX C 219 CAP Cooperative Agency Profiler CAPMoN Canadian Air and Precipitation Monitoring Network CARL ARM/CART Raman Lidar CART Cloud and Radiation Testbed CASA Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere CASTNet Clean Air Status and Trends Network CEM Corporation for Environmental Monitoring CEOS Committee of Earth Observing Satellites CGMS Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites CMIS Conical image: Rain rate Scanning Microwave Imager/Sounder CoCoRaHS Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network CONUS continental United States COOP Cooperative Observer Program COSMIC Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere, and Climate CPB Corporation for Public Broadcasting CPR Cloud Profiling Radar CTBT Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty CUAHSI Consortium of Universities Allied for Hydrological Sciences, Inc. CWOP Citizen Weather Observer Program DCAS distributed-collaborative-adaptive sensing DCP data collection platform DHS Department of Homeland Security DIAL differential absorption DoD Department of Defense DOE Department of Energy DOT Department of Transportation EARLINET European Aerosol Research Lidar Network EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone ENVISAT Environmental Satellite EPA Environmental Protection Agency ERAMS Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System ESIP Earth Science Information Partnership ESRL Earth System Research Laboratory ESS environmental sensor stations EUCOS EUMETNET Composite Observing System EUMETNET Network of European Meteorological Services
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... 220 APPENDIX C FAA Federal Aviation Administration FHWA Federal Highway Administration FRA Federal Railroad Administration FRM federal reference method GALION Global Aerosol Lidar Observation Network GAPP GEWEX Americas Prediction Project GAW Global Atmospheric Watch GCOS Global Climate Observing System GEOSS Global Earth Observing System of Systems GEWEX Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment GOES Geostationary Observation Environmental Satellites GOOS Global Ocean Observing System GOS Global Observing System GPMP Gaseous Pollutant Monitoring Network GPS global positioning system GPS Met GPS Meteorology GSD Global Systems Division GTOS Global Terrestrial Observing System GTS Global Telecommunications System GUAN GCOS Upper Air Network HIRS High Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder HRM Houston Regional Monitoring Network HSRL high spectral resolution lidar IADN Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Network IASI Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer IEOS Integrated Earth Observation System IMPROVE Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments IOOS Integrated Ocean Observing System IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPW Integrated Precipitable Water ISWS Illinois State Water Survey ITU International Telecommunication Union LDAS land data assimilation system LIDAR light detection and ranging LLWAS Low Level Wind Shear Analysis System LME Large Marine Ecosystems LTER Long-Term Ecological Research Network LTM Long term monitoring
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... APPENDIX C 221 MADIS Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System MDCARS Meteorological Data Collection and Reporting System MDN Mercury Deposition Network METAR Meteorological Aviation Report MODIS Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer MOZAIC Measurements of Ozone, Water Vapor, Carbon Monoxide, and Nitrogen Oxides by In-Service Airbus Aircraft MPL-NET Micro-Pulse Lidar Network MSL above mean sea level MWRP Microwave Radiometer Profilers NAAQS National Ambient Air Quality Standards NADP National Atmospheric Deposition Program NAMS National Ambient Monitoring Stations NAOS North American Observing System NAPS National Air Pollution Surveillance Network NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NATTS National Air Toxics Trends Stations NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research NCDC National Climatic Data Center NCEP National Centers for Environmental Prediction NCore National Core Monitoring Network NDAMN National Dioxin Air Monitoring Network NDBC National Data Buoy Center NEON National Ecosystem Observing Network NEWNET Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network NLDN National Lightning Detection Network NMHS National Meteorological and Hydrological Services NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NPN National Profiler Network NPOESS National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System NPR National Public Radio NPS National Park Service NRC National Research Council NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service NSF National Science Foundation NTN National Trends Network NWA National Weather Association NWP Numerical Weather Prediction NWS National Weather Service NWSMC National Weather Service Modernization Committee
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... 222 APPENDIX C OCS Oklahoma Climatological Survey OLETS Oklahoma Law Enforcement Telecommunication System OMI Ozone Monitoring Instrument OSE observing system experiment OSSE observing system simulation experiment PAMS Photochemical Assessment Measurement Station PAR photosynthetically active radiation PARASOL Polarization & Anisotropy of Reflectances for Atmospheric Sciences coupled with Observations from a Lidar PBL planetary boundary layer PHOTONS Photométrie pour le Traitement Opérationnel de Normalisation Satellitaire PHS Public Health and Safety PM particulate matter PMc coarse size fraction of particulate matter PMOD Physikalisch-Meteorologisches Observatorium Davos PORTS Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System PRIMENet Park Research & Intensive Monitoring of Ecosystems Network RAOB Universal Rawinsonde Observation program RASS Radio Acoustic Sounding System RAWS Remote Automated Weather Stations RBSN Regional Basic Synoptic Networks RCOOS Regional Coastal Ocean Observing System REALM Regional East Atmospheric Lidar Mesonet RO radio occultation RRR Rolling Requirements Review RWIS Roadway Information System SASP Surface Air Sampling Program SCAN Soil Climate Analysis Network SEARCH SouthEastern Aerosol Researchand Characterization Study experiment SLAMS State and Local Ambient Monitoring Stations SMAP Soil Moisture Active-Passive SNOTEL Snow Telemetry SOA Service Oriented Architecture SSM/I Special Sensor Microwave Imager SST sea-surface temperature STN PM2.5 Speciation Trends Network SURFRAD Surface Radiation Budget Network
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... Geological Survey USWRP U.S. Weather Research Program UTC Coordinated Universal Time UVB Ultraviolet B VAD Velocity-Azimuth Display VHF Very High Frequency VII Vehicle Infrastructure Initiative WFO Weather Forecast Office WHYCOS World Hydrological Cycle Observing System WMO World Meteorological Organization WRCC Western Regional Climate Center WWW World Weather Watch

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