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Appendix A: Biographical Sketches of Committee Members
Pages 113-116

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From page 113...
... He is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Association for Computing Machinery, and Sigma Xi and has served on the technical program committees and organizing committees of several leading networking conferences such as IEEE INFOCOM. Harry Blount is currently founder and CEO of Gold Vision Ventures.
From page 114...
... He has spoken at numerous events including Storage Visions, IDEMA (the Hard Disk Drive Industry Association) , the Digital Home Developers Conference, and the Global Technology Distribution Council conference, and at internal management events at some of the world's leading technology companies.
From page 115...
... He raised and invested $2 billion into private equity and venture capital funds on behalf of state pension plans with Parish Capital, managed sales and business development with a private-equity-backed semiconductor manufacturer, and financed a number of midmarket and seed-stage transactions as part of Wachovia Securities.
From page 116...
... He has also recently been involved in PEM fuel cell research using neutron radiography to study twophase flow within an operating fuel cell. Alfonso velosa III graduated from Columbia University with a B.S.

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