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Appendix E: Prefaces to the First, Second, and Third Editions
Pages 118-122

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From page 118...
... Statistical agencies sometimes face situations that tax acceptable standards for professional behavior. Examples occur when policy makers, regulators, or enforcement officials seek access to data on individual respondents from a statistics agency or when policy interpretations are added to press releases announcing statistical data.
From page 119...
... We note particularly the emphasis the ECE resolution places on the need for independence for official statistics agencies (United Nations Statistical Commission and Economic Commission for Europe, 1991)
From page 120...
... Burton H Singer, Chair Committee on National Statistics, 1992 NOTE: The ECE resolution was subsequently adopted by the Statistical Commission of the United Nations (U.N.
From page 121...
... It has shaped legislation and executive actions to establish and evaluate statistical agencies, and agencies have used it to inform newly appointed department officials, advisory committees, and others about what constitutes an effective and credible statistical organization. This third edition retains the outline and content of the second edition.
From page 122...
... The principles and practices for a federal statistical agency articulated here remain guidelines, not prescriptions. We intend them to assist statistical agencies and to inform policy makers, data users, and others about the characteristics of statistical agencies that enable them to serve the public good.

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