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1 The Need to Improve Value in Health Care
Pages 23-28

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... . Despite the amount of spending on health care, uncoordinated care has led to frustration for patients and providers, fostered an unacceptable level of harmful medical errors -- many of which are serious (IOM, 2000)
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... Through a multistakeholder forum for discussion of key perspectives on measuring and improving value in health care, presenters and attendees identified the key barriers, opportunities, and next steps necessary to improve value in health care in the United States. Presenters at this workshop specifically discussed various approaches to assessing and improving value, in terms of both maximizing what we gain in patient outcomes and minimizing what we give up, especially the opportunity costs of expenditures on less effective treatments.
From page 25...
... It is in that basic regard that our elected officials have failed. We face a number of serious sustainability problems, and health care
From page 26...
... The United States is the only country that writes a blank check for health care. Even Sweden, which has socialized medicine from cradle to grave, limits how much of its federal budget and how much of its economy will be dedicated to health care.
From page 27...
... 2007. The boomers are coming: A total cost of care model of the impact of population aging on health care costs in the United States by major practice category.
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... 2008. Saving our future requires tough choices today.

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