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Appendix A: Agenda
Pages 113-116

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... Appendix A Agenda 8:00–8:10 Objectives of the Workshop Gail Cassell, Eli lilly and Company Workshop Chair 8:10–9:40 Panel I: SETTING THE STAGE 10-minute presentations followed by a 30-minute panel discussion Moderator: kenneth Castro, Centers for Disease Control and Preention Paul Nunn, World Health Organization Global Incidence of MDR TB yanis ben Amor, Earth Institute Underreported Threat of MDR TB in Africa Gerald Friedland, Tugela Ferry Care and Research Collaboration HIV/MDR-XDR TB: Implications Megan Murray, brigham and Women's Hospital Number of MDR TB and XDR TB Patients Receiving Treatment Today: Successes/Failures/Consequences Qian Gao, Shanghai Medical College Transmission of MDR TB 
From page 114...
...  THREAT OF DRug-RESISTANT TubERCulOSIS Neel Gandhi, Tugela Ferry Care and Research Collaboration Transmission of XDR TB 9:40–9:50 break 9:50–11:30 Panel II: HOW DID WE GET TO WHERE WE ARE TODAy: DIFFERENT PERSPECTIvES 10-minute presentations followed by a 40-minute panel discussion Moderator: Richard Chaisson, Johns Hopkins uniersity Edward Nardell, brigham and Women's Hospital Lack of Infection Control John Ridderhof, Centers for Disease Control and Preention Laboratory Capacity: A Global Analysis Anne Goldfeld, Harard School of Public Health Drug and Health Care Delivery: Cambodian and Ethiopian Perspectives Wieslaw Jakubowiak, WHO Country Office Russian Federation Fighting Drug Resistance in Russia: Challenges and Achievements Paul Zintl, Partners In Health Drug Supply: The Stop TB Partnership Perspective Ruth Levine, Center for global Deelopment Critical Role of Accurate Demand Forecasting: Lessons Learned from Malaria 11:30–12:30 Lunch 12:30–1:20 keynote Address: The Research Path to Tuberculosis Control: An NIH Perspective Anthony Fauci, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases 1:20–3:00 Panel III: ESSENTIAL buILDING bLOCkS 10-minute presentations followed by a 20-minute panel discussion Moderator: Leonard Sacks, Food and Drug Administration
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... Department of State Sarita Shah, Tugela Ferry Care and Research Collaboration Alexander Sloutsky, uniersity of Massachusetts Martie van der Walt, Medical Research Council South Africa Charles Wells, Otsuka 4:15–5:30 Panel v: THE NEED FOR uRGENCy 15-minute presentations followed by 45-minutes of discussion Moderator: Jim yong kim, Partners In Health
From page 116...
...  THREAT OF DRug-RESISTANT TubERCulOSIS Mark Harrington, Treatment Action group Lessons from HIV Paul Farmer, Partners In Health Lessons from MDR TB 5:30 SyNTHESIS AND NEXT STEPS Gail Cassell, Eli lilly and Company Workshop Chair

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