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1 Introduction
Pages 15-18

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... Nonetheless, multidrug-resistant TB (MDR TB) is a major and growing global threat.1 An estimated 4.8 percent of all new and previously treated TB cases diagnosed worldwide in 2006 -- a total of 489,139 cases (95 percent confidence level, 455,093–614,215)
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... However, even new drugs must be used only in combination, 2 XDR TB is MDR TB that is also resistant to any one of the fluoroquinolones and any one of the second-line injectable drugs. 3 Using MDR TB figures reported in WHO's fourth report on anti-tuberculosis drug resis tance (WHO, 2008b)
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... To provide baseline information on MDR TB and outline the issues for discussion during the workshop, the IOM commissioned a white paper from Partners In Health (see Appendix C)
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... Only 11 of 22 high-burden TB countries provide data on drug-resistant TB, and even fewer have the capability to assess patients' susceptibility to the second-line drugs used to treat MDR TB. To exploit the opportunity offered by having multiple major stakeholders present at the workshop, she encouraged all participants to engage in a frank discussion of the emerging crisis.

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