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From page 101...
... Duan, and S Sorooshian, 2007, An integrated Census Bureau, 2005, Table A1: Interim projection of the total hydrologic Bayesian multimodel combination framework: Con- population of the United States and states: April 1, 2000 to fronting input, parameter, and model structural uncertainty in July 1, 2030, Population Division, Interim State Population hydrologic prediction, Water Resources Research, 43, W01403, Projections; available online at
From page 102...
... , 2008, FEMA, 2007b, Guidance for Validating Flood Hazard Data: Flood ­ erformance Evaluation of the New Orleans and Southeast P Map Modernization, issued April 9, 2007, Washington, D.C., ­ ouisiana Hurricane Protection System, Final Report, 9 volumes; L 15 pp. available online at .
From page 103...
... of the Water Resources Planning and Management Division, NRC (National Research Council) , 1977, Methodology for Calcu- May 23-26, 1994, American Society of Civil Engineers, Denver, lating Wave Action Effects Associated with Storm Surges, National Colo., pp.
From page 104...
... Sorooshian, 1996, Automatic calibration of conceptual rainfall-runoff models: Sensitivity to calibration data, Journal of Hydrology, 181, 23-48.

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