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... In the food industry, scientists are exploring nanotech's potential to encapsulate and deliver nutrients directly into targeted tissues, enhance the flavor and other sensory characteristics of foods, and introduce antibacterial nanostructures into foods, among other applications. The potential benefits are not just in foods themselves but also in the things that "surround" foods, like food packaging, food processing and sensory systems, and basic food and nutrition science research.
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... These proceedings summarize only the statements of workshop participants and are not intended to be an exhaustive exploration of the subject matter. Food Forum Chair Michael Doyle opened the meeting with some brief introductory remarks.
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... The purpose of the workshop, Doyle said, was to discuss the applications of nanotechnology in food, the potential benefits for food safety and nutrition applications, and issues of safety and consumer concerns about the use of nanotechnologies in food. Doyle acknowledged members of the planning committee, then introduced the first speaker of the day, Rickey Yada, whom Doyle said would be providing an overview of nanotechnology and opportunities for it to be applied in foods, food packaging, and nutrient delivery.

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