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Appendix A: Workshop Agenda
Pages 119-122

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... A Workshop Agenda Nanotechnology in Food Products: Impact on Food Science, Nutrition and the Consumer The National Academies Keck Center Room 100 500 Fifth Street, NW Washington, DC December 10, 2008 8:00– 8:30 am Registration INTRODUCTION 8:30 am Welcome from Food Forum Mike Doyle, Chair of the Food Forum 8:40 am Opening Remarks Nanotechnology: A New Frontier in Foods, Food Packaging, and Nutrient Delivery Rickey Yada, University of Guelph SESSION 1: APPLICATION OF NANOTECHNOLOGY TO FOOD PRODUCTS 9:00 am Overview of Nanosciences and Food José Miguel Aguilera, Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago 9:20 am Application of Nanotechnology in Rapid Detection of Food Pathogens Frans Kampers, Wageningen University 119
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... 120 NANOTECHNOLOGY IN FOOD PRODUCTS 9:40 am Use of Nanomaterials to Improve Food Quality and Food Safety: Nutrient Encapsulation and Food Packaging Jochen Weiss, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart 10:00 am Questions and Discussion 10:30 am BREAK SESSION 2: SAFETY AND EFFICACY OF NANOMATERIALS IN FOOD PRODUCTS 11:00 am A Biological Perspective on Nanostructures in Foods Martin Philbert, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 11:20 am FDA Oversight of Nanotechnology Applications in Foods, Food Packaging, and Nutrient Delivery Laura Tarantino, Food and Drug Administration 11:40 am Regulatory Issues Concerning Food and Nutrient Products Containing Nanomaterials Fred Degnan, King and Spaulding 12:00 pm Questions and Discussion 12:30– 1:30 pm LUNCH SESSION 3: EDUCATING AND INFORMING CONSUMERS ABOUT APPLICATIONS OF NANOTECHNOLOGY TO FOOD PRODUCTS 1:30 pm Nanotechnology and Food: The Public Knows "Nano" Julia Moore, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
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... APPENDIX A 121 1:50 pm Challenges in Educating Consumers About Emerging Technologies Carl Batt, Cornell University 2:10 pm Discussion: Consumer Interest in and Concerns with Emerging Technologies Jean Halloran, Consumers Union 2:30 pm Panel Discussion on Current Issues All Speakers 3:30 pm Adjourn

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