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Appendix C: Speaker Biographies
Pages 131-134

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From page 131...
... , and Director of the Cornell University/Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Partnership. He is cofounder and former director of the Nanobiotechnology Center and serves as the faculty mentor for all Public Service Center educational programs, which span from pre-K through graduate education.
From page 132...
... He has consistently been recognized in numerous independently conducted surveys as being among the nation's top food and drug lawyers. Michael Doyle, Ph.D., is Regents Professor of Food Microbiology and director of the University of Georgia Center for Food Safety.
From page 133...
... Dr. Philbert provides consultation to the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the National Toxicology Program, and is a scientific advisor to the International Life Sciences Institute in Washington, DC.
From page 134...
... Dr. Yada is a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology and of the International Academy, International Union of Food Science and Technology and was a member of the Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel on the Future of Food Biotechnology.

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