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Executive Summary
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... In 2007, with support from the National Science Foundation, the National Academy of Engineering convened a committee of engineering educators, leaders in faculty professional development, and experts in teaching assessment to organize a fact-finding workshop and prepare a succinct consensus report that addresses the development and implementation of a system to measure the instructional effectiveness of engineering faculty members. The charge to the committee was to identify and assess options for evaluating scholarly teaching (referred to in this report as "teaching effectiveness")
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... However, these two functions should remain separate such that identifying weaknesses for professional development efforts (collecting formative assessment data) is not seen as having potentially negative impacts on tenure and promotion evaluation (summative assessment data)
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... . Leaders of the engineering profession (including the National Academy of Engineering, American Society for Engineering Education, ABET, Inc., American Association of Engineering Societies, the Engineering Deans' Council, and the various engineering disciplinary societies)

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