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7 Closing Comments
Pages 69-72

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From page 69...
... Open discussion Sustainability Roundtable member America Bracho said that comprehensive interventions are needed in order to improve the health of our children. All of the elements discussed during the workshop converge to influence health outcomes.
From page 70...
... Krieger suggested the Roundtable consider what could be done at the policy and financing levels to transfer resources from the medical health care sector to the public health and community sectors, so they have an ongoing sustainable resource base. Another member of the Roundtable, Winston Wong, pointed out that no one addressed the myth of the "American Dream," that everyone has an equal chance for success in this country.
From page 71...
... But now, she believes that because of the poor quality of the free programs that are available, many children are entering special education kindergarten programs because they are not ready for school. Roundtable member Alicia Dixon noted that another key factor that was not discussed in depth during the workshop was the importance of educating the health care workforce to be able to diminish or eliminate health disparities.
From page 72...
... Many people who have viewed themselves as middle class are worried about losing their jobs and homes. The struggles facing immigrants were raised by another participant, who said they want the best for their families but often cannot afford health care or insurance, or education beyond public school.

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