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2 Disparities in Children's Health: Major Challenges and Opportunities
Pages 7-12

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... as a landmark in terms of increasing awareness about disparities in health and health care in the United States, and he noted that many efforts to address disparities have been undertaken by government, the private sector, and foundations across the country. Within the federal government, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
From page 8...
... Interestingly, the United States trails other countries such as Cuba and Costa Rica in this regard, who although they have fewer resources than the United States, have lower overall infant mortality rates. Because we have failed to seriously make a commitment to eliminate disparities in health, we have pulled our whole health system down, and will continue to do so, Satcher said.
From page 9...
... . The report concluded that there are tremendous disparities in the burden of mental illness owing to the lack of access to mental health services and the stigma associated with mental illness.
From page 10...
... FIGURE 2-2 Population model of health promotion. SOURCE: McKinlay, 1995.
From page 11...
... Another example of an issue where intervention strategies are needed is childhood obesity, and obesity in general in the United States. The surgeon general's report on overweight and obesity details the dramatic increase in childhood obesity and the effect it has upon children (HHS, 2001c)
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... 1995. The new public health approach to improving physical activity and autonomy in older populations.

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