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Appendix F: Working Draft of Policies and Procedures for a Crystalline Materials Network
Pages 171-173

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From page 171...
... It seeks to take the best operating procedures used by existing DGCM groups and imbue the entire DGCM community with greater freedom and commensurate resources. In order to protect the researchers who would participate in such a network from improper, dangerous, or even illegal use of crystalline samples, a set of clearly defined policies and procedures would be essential.
From page 172...
... Details of intellectual property ownership and intellectual property rights would be developed by the network's external scientific advisory board in collaboration with the federal funding agencies and the network administrator.
From page 173...
... The network would provide quarterly updates of its activities to the external scientific advisory board and issue an annual report of all published research conducted under its auspices. The research reported would involve internal as well as collaborative activities.

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