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Appendix G: Educational Role of Centers of Expertise for Discovery and Growth of Crystalline Materials
Pages 174-176

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From page 174...
... The theoretical and experimental aspects of growth and characterization of semiconducting, oxide, metallic, organic, and perhaps biological crystals should form the basis for the tutorial portion of the school. Lectures should be included by leading researchers on crystal growth and epitaxial processes, nanocrystallization, in situ and ex situ characterization, properties, and applications; these lectures should be focused on fundamental discussions of the chemical and physical processes that control the assembly of atoms and molecules from the melt, solution, or vapor.
From page 175...
... Graduate students and postdoctoral ­researchers could pursue their own projects, under the guidance of the staff scientists, for variable periods of time depending on the nature of the projects. During this por tion of the school their living expenses could be supported by grants held by their home institutions.

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