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Appendix E: Useful Questions
Pages 147-150

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From page 147...
... The questions deal with the magnitude of the potential influenza threat, the desirability, feasibility and scope of a responsive program, and its implementation. Detailed questions on implementation become increasingly important the larger the contemplated Federal role and the wider the program's scope.
From page 148...
... 2. Given these aims, what alternatives do you see for administration of the follow ing tasks as among federal, state and local agencies, private manufacturers, in surers, medical practitioners, voluntary agencies, other (specify in each case)
From page 149...
... ) • Preparing consent forms • Operational planning (e.g., ensuring local availability of consent forms, obtaining supplies, securing staff and space, giving injections)
From page 150...
... On what premises? What steps should be taken to anticipate and relate technical contingencies, such as tempo rally linked deaths, to prospective media coverage?

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