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3 Cooper Endorses
Pages 15-20

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From page 15...
... Sencer was in budgetary trouble and he had been for some years. President Nixon's New Federalists -- still more James Lynn, Ford's Budget Director -- liked discretionary funds for states and maximum reliance upon private medicine.
From page 16...
... Moreover, Mathews recalls favoring the substance, risk aside. Sencer, in his view, would have been wrong had he conceived Administration preferences for state and private medicine as tantamount to lack of faith in immunization programs.
From page 17...
... His successor, Spencer Johnson, was brand new. A notable survivor, Cavanaugh had come to HEW in John Gardner's time, continued as a staffer under Robert Finch, been briefly Acting Assistant Secretary for Health and then had been "loaned" by Elliot Richardson to John Ehrlichman when the Domestic Council was first formed.
From page 18...
... O'Neill, meanwhile, who had the final action since new money was involved, heard grumbling from his health examiners. Victor Zafra, the division chief, had read the New York Times of February 20 and had been waiting since for CDC to come in crying doom.
From page 19...
... Commit now and be done with it. There isn't time at the White House to create extra decisions for the man to make.
From page 20...
... had been used in the last nationwide mass immunization, 100 million in two seasons, "half the number in twice the time" that Sencer was now seeking. Sabin was encouraging, as Cooper knew when Sencer phoned him to report affirmatively on the ACIP meeting.

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