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From page 153...
... 5. For further information on the point, see the report of the General Accounting Office, "The Swine Flu Program: An Unprecedented Venture in Preventive Medicine," June 27, 1977, chapter 5; see also Joel Kavet, "Vaccine utilization: trends in the implemen tation of public policy in the USA," in Philip Selby (editor)
From page 154...
... is as follows: Our own insurance carrier has just told us that it is willing to insure us only against negligence or fault on our part. Moreover, because of the massive number of people involved, the carrier considers it not feasible to place any broader cov erage in the existing world insurance markets at virtually any price.
From page 155...
... He wishes his professionals had done much better than they did. We who train public servants feel we have to take the journalism "as is." For what it is worth, we think the swine flu coverage rather better than average.
From page 156...
... D Collins, "Excess Deaths from Pneumonia and Influenza and from Important Chronic Diseases During Epidemics, 1918-1951," United States Public Health Service, Public Health Monograph No.
From page 157...
... Chanin, "Influenza: Vac cines or Amantadine," Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol.
From page 158...
... , Marcy Roseman's Preventive Medicine and Public Health, 10 ed., Appleton-Century-Crofts, New York, 1973, p.

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