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10 Califano Comes In
Pages 61-64

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From page 61...
... Given to working long hours, Califano rarely saw the television news but regularly read the New York Times, and he knew many journalists and congressmen who shared the perspective of Harry Schwartz. When Carter named Califano Secretarydesignate of HEW, that perspective played a part in his approach to his new duties.
From page 62...
... David Hamburg, head of the Institute of Medicine, the Secretary settled on a straightforward procedure. First, Sencer's recommendation and the work behind it would be set before an ad hoc advisory group of broader character and less commitment than the ACIP, and with prestigious chairmen from outside the flu establishment.
From page 63...
... In mid-afternoon a wire service reporter finally cornered Sencer; he elaborated off-the-record. At the end of the day, with reporters pressing both of them, Califano held an impromptu press conference.
From page 64...
... Surely they can, but not perhaps a Fredrickson or a Hamburg in an hour's time. The improvised procedure of February 7 worked so well that a month later, when it came time to review ACIP recommendations for the 1977-78 flu season, a comparable ad hoc group at Califano's level was again laid on; he again received its views, again he took them as his own.

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