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Appendix A: "Cast of Characters"
Pages 96-101

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From page 97...
... "NIH" "CDC" "FDA" Etc. Fredrickson Sencer Etc.
From page 98...
... reau of Epidemiology, Center for Disease Control. LESLIE CHEEK, Chief of Washington branch office, American Insurance WENDELL BRADFORD, Associate Direc Association.
From page 99...
... Branch, Viral Disease Division, Bu reau of Epidemiology, Center for CHARLES EDWARDS, M.D., Assistant Disease Control. Secretary for Health, HEW, Nixon Administration, to 1971.
From page 100...
... Disease Control. WILLIAM MORRILL, Assistant Secretary JOYCE C
From page 101...
... PIERPOINT, White House for Disease Control, to April 1977. Correspondent, Columbia Broadcast EILEEN SHANAHAN, Assistant Secretary ing System.

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