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14 Concluding Remarks
Pages 125-128

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From page 125...
... Sundwall, M.D. Utah Department of Health Extraordinary efforts are underway to improve access to oral health care services for many populations including children, adults, rural populations, and specific ethnic groups.
From page 126...
... The health care delivery system accounts for only a very small percentage of health outcomes, yet most of the money and debate centers around that part of the equation. More attention is needed on how to affect the social and behavioral environments, but the current health care delivery system has little capacity to address those broader issues.
From page 127...
... Health professions should be judged and, in part, regulated by how it stewards limited resources to best meet public needs. Students today need not only to have some idea of their professional responsibility to be a good clinician, but also about how the decisions they make affect the way resources are distributed to take care of public needs.

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