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2 The Connection Between Oral Health and Overall Health and Well-Being
Pages 5-8

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From page 5...
... Oral health is much more than just healthy teeth; it also includes the health of many other anatomical structures such as the gums, bones, ligaments, muscles, glands, and nerves. In addition, oral health affects some of our most basic human functions, thereby shaping an individual's self-image and sense of well-being: These are tissues whose functions we often take for granted, yet they represent the very essence of our humanity.
From page 6...
... For example, the metabolic processes of diabetes mellitus can explain the i ­ncreased destruction of tissue seen in diabetic periodontitis. In turn, like other infections, periodontal disease has been shown to exacerbate glycemic control in diabetic patients, and lower overall medical costs have been seen among diabetic patients who receive proper periodontal care.
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... As these and the other challenges that lay before us are confronted, it is vital to first come to a greater appreciation for a shared vision of opportunities.

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