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Attachment C Committee Meetings and Presentations Received
Pages 18-18

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... Source Impacts on Appliance Standards, Donald Brundage, Principal Engineer, Southern Company Services Engineering Analyses Performed for Standards Rule Making, Michael McCabe, Buildings Technology Program, DOE/EERE Impact of Standards on Appliance Manufacturers, Frank Stanonik, Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association SECOND COMMITTEE MEETING, MAY 1-2, 2008 Appliance Standards and EIA's NEMS Residential Module, John Cymbalsky, Energy Information Administration Effective Energy Labeling for Appliances, Jennifer Thorne Amann and Steven Nadel, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy Technical Considerations for Alternative Energy Efficiency Measurement Methods, Neil P Leslie, Gas Technology Institute Question and Answers, Michael McCabe, Buildings Technology Program, DOE/EERE THIRD COMMITTEE MEETING, AUGUST 5-6, 2008 This was a closed meeting in which the committee worked on the draft of the letter report.

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