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Attachment I Minority Opinion of Ellen Berman, Committee Member
Pages 39-40

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From page 39...
... There are myriad criteria for determining full-fuel-cycle analysis and reaching agreement on a satisfactory procedure would likely be beyond DOE/EERE's time and resources at a time when such resources are already strained. Some reputable economic models include not just costs of fuels but benefits as well, while others include societal costs and benefits, such as health impacts, environmental impacts, global warming, accidents, energy security, employment impacts, and depletion of non-renewable resources.
From page 40...
... In 2006, the Consumer Energy Council of America convened leading energy experts to examine the costs and benefits of each fuel used for stationary energy needs. The consensus forum examined the characteristics of each fuel through the prism of national consumer priorities, including cost, environmental impacts, availability, national security, public health, safety, and other factors.

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