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6 Closing Remarks
Pages 65-68

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From page 65...
... Or perhaps the question is whether genomics or genetics can actually help fix what is known to be broken in the system. Can the same mistakes be avoided and inequities eliminated, or will genome-based medicine only compound the problems of the current health care system, particularly in terms of costs?
From page 66...
... A critical step is to develop novel partnerships to elucidate the value of genomics. Industry must work with academia, government, and consumers so that stakeholders understand their overlapping and disparate concerns, and then understand the investment each needs to make for post licensure studies, large cohort studies, registries and biobanks, and other activities that are needed to generate the evidence and address stakeholder concerns.
From page 67...
... Therefore, careful consideration should be given to what information clinicians really need, and what new or different funding profiles may be needed to obtain that information. Other discussion focused on Institutional Review Boards, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

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