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1 Introduction
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... grants include mentoring for postdoctoral fellows and ethics training for graduate and undergraduate students in science and engineering. The NSF guidelines also include a requirement that proposals for funds to support postdoctoral researchers include a description of mentoring activities. In light of the history of support for educating students and researchers in ethical or responsible behavior and the current political interest, this seems an appropriate time to review what we have learned so far and to identify directions for the future.
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... Members of the committee included physicist John Ahearne, NAE member and chair of the CEES Advisory Group and former director of the Ethics Program of Sigma XI, the ­honorary scientific society. Other members were University of ­California, Irvine biologist Francisco Ayala, a member of the National Academy of ­Sciences and a member of the committee that worked on the third edition of On The third edition is available through the National Academies Press at catalog.php?
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... The group was then divided into four smaller groups, two of which focused on the larger environment that affects scientific and engineering research and two of which focused on programmatic and assessment issues. The final session included reports on these discussions and a plenary discussion highlighting ideas for the workshop summary, again chaired by the CEES director.

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