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Appendix C: Committee and Staff Biographical Information
Pages 23-26

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... He is responsible for the overall integrity of science returns from the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous mission and is the lead for science data analysis and archiving, science planning, and conflict resolution among NEAR science requirements. He was an interdisciplinary scientist for the Galileo mission to Jupiter, investigating magnetospheric physics at Jupiter, and is a co-investigator on the Magnetospheric Imaging team on the Cassini mission to Saturn and Titan.
From page 24...
... Navy. He is senior vice president and deputy general manager of the Advanced Program Group at Orbital Sciences Corporation where he is responsible for human spaceflight programs, including commercial transportation services to the International Space Station (ISS)
From page 25...
... He was on the staff of the Congressional Budget Office and also worked for the Space Policy Institute at the George Washington University. He has held Guggenheim and Verville fellowships and is an associate editor of the German spaceflight magazine Raumfahrt Concrete, in addition to writing for such publications as Novosti Kosmonavtiki (Russia)
From page 26...
... Mr. Groswald is a first-year graduate student pursuing his masters' degree in international science and technology policy at the George Washington University (GW)

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