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Executive Summary
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... The current report summarizes its findings for the 2007-2008 period, during which 95 volunteer experts in fields of science and engineering participated in the following activities: visiting ARL annually, receiving formal presentations of technical work, examining facilities, engaging in technical discussions with ARL staff, and reviewing ARL technical materials. The Board continues to be impressed by the overall quality of ARL's technical staff and their work, as well as the relevance of their work to Army needs.
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... niche and has been demonstrating significant accomplishments. Examples among many include the following: • The development of technology for electromagnetic armor, machine translation of foreign languages, electrooptic sensors, autonomous sensing, corrugated quantum-well infrared photo­ detectors, robotics and unmanned air and ground vehicles, high-energy batteries, microelectro mechanical systems technology for microrobotics, solid-geometry modeling computer-aided design, aircraft propulsion and structures, flexible displays, and portable biotoxin analysis; • Research in atmospheric acoustics and radio-frequency propagation in battlefield environments, surface weather and wind modeling, auditory awareness and speech communication in battle field environments, neuroergonomics, network science, and active stall control and active wake modeling for rotorcraft; • The development and application of sophisticated models of soldier performance and of software to support the assessment of survivability and lethality of systems; and • Studies to assess and improve the designs of helmets and body armor for soldiers.

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