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Appendix D: Acronyms
Pages 117-122

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From page 117...
... Appendix D Acronyms AC&CD Advanced Computing and Computational Division AC&CSD Advanced Computing and Computational Sciences Division ACAT Air Coupled Thermography Inspection ACSAC Applied Computer Security Applications Conference AFME Armed Forces Medical Examiner AFV armored fighting vehicles AHPCRC Army High Performance Computing Research Center ALEGRA Arbitrary-Lagrangian-Eulerian General Research Applications AMRDEC Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center APD avalanche photodiode APG Aberdeen Proving Ground APS active protection system ARDEC Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center ARL Army Research Laboratory ARLTAB Army Research Laboratory Technical Assessment Board ARO Army Research Office ASA Acoustical Society of America ASCED Active Stall Control Engine Demonstration ASO Army Science Objective ASU Arizona State University ATO Army Technology Objective BAA Broad Agency Announcement BED Battlefield Environment Division 117
From page 118...
... 118 APPENDIX D BRAC base realignment and closure C4ISR command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance CAD computer-aided design CAN computer network attacks CAT-ATD Crew-Integration and Automation Testbed Advanced Technology Demonstrator CBM condition-based maintenance CECOM Communications and Electronics Command Center CERDEC Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center CFD computational fluid dynamics CIO/G-6 Office of the Chief Information Officer CISD Computational and Information Sciences Directorate CMS Computational Materials Science CNE computer network exploitation CPU central processing unit C-QWIP corrugated quantum-well infrared photodetector CRADA Cooperative Research and Development Agreement CSEB Computational Sciences and Engineering Branch CSG constructive solid geometry CTA Collaborative Technology Alliance DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DFT density functional theory DNA deoxyribonucleic acid DoD Department of Defense DOE Department of Energy DRC Dynamics Research Corporation DRM digital rights management DSRC DoD Supercomputing Resource Center DTRA Defense Threat Reduction Agency DU depleted uranium EAR Environment for Auditory Research ECAE equal channel angle extrusion EDM Engineering Development Model EFP explosively formed penetrator EM electromagnetic EOS equation of state EW electronic warfare FCS Future Combat Systems FDC Flexible Display Center FEM finite element modeling FET field-effect transistor FIB focused ion beam
From page 119...
... INL Idaho National Laboratory IO information operations IOC initial operational capability IOL Intelligent Optics Laboratory IP Internet Protocol IR infrared ISD Information Sciences Division ISR intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance ITA International Technology Alliance JTAPIC Joint Trauma Analysis and Prevention of Injury in Combat JTRS Joint Tactical Radio System KE kinetic energy LWIR long-wavelength infrared MANET mobile ad hoc network MANPRINT Manpower and Personnel Integration MASINT Measurement and Signature Intelligence MBE molecular-beam epitaxy MCoE Materials Center of Excellence MCS mounted combat system MDD multidisciplinary design MEMS microelectromechanical systems MMF Mission and Means Framework (software)
From page 120...
... MWIR mid-wavelength infrared NAMD NAnoscale Molecular Dynamics NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical NCI nanoscale-compositional-inhomogenous NDE nondestructive evaluation NERF Novel Energetic Research Facility NGIC National Ground Intelligence Center NMSU New Mexico State University NRC National Research Council NSD Network Science Division NURB non-uniform rational B-spline surfaces OFDM orthogonal frequency division multiplexing ORCA Operational Requirements-based Casualty Assessment PARC Palo Alto Research Center PDA personal digital assistant PI principal investigator PKI public key infrastructure PUNDIT Parallel Unsteady Domain Information Transfer PZT lead zirconium titanate QE quantum efficiencies QWIP AlGaAs/GaAs quantum-well inter-subband photodetector R&D research and development RA reactive armor RDEC Research, Development, and Engineering Center RDECOM Research, Development, and Engineering Command RDT&E research, development, test and evaluation RF radio frequency RM reactive material S&Es scientists and engineers
From page 121...
... APPENDIX D 121 S4 Systems of Systems Survivability Simulation (software) SAR synthetic aperture radar SBIR Small Business Innovation Research SEDD Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate SEM systems effective modeling SINCGARS single channel ground and airborne radio system SLAD Survivability and Lethality Analysis Directorate SLV survivability, lethality, and vulnerability SoS system of systems SRW soldier radio waveform STAR Scalable Technology for Adaptive Response STI Strategic Technology Initiative SWFTICE Sensor, Warhead and Fuze Technology Integrated for Combined Effects TARDEC Tank and Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center TBI traumatic brain injury TFT thin-film transistor THINK Tactical Human Integration with Networked Knowledge TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command TWV tactical wheeled vehicle UAV unmanned aerial vehicle UGS unattended ground sensor UGV unmanned ground vehicle UHF ultrahigh frequency UHMWPE ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UML unified modeling language USC ISI University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute UTAMS unattended transient acoustic MASINT sensor UV ultraviolet UWB ultrawideband V&V validation and verification (efforts)

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