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Appendix: Workshops with Eastern European Institutions
Pages 61-64

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... October 1998 Zagreb: Cooperation Opportunities in Health Czechoslovakia April 1987 České Budějovice: Agriculture and Environmental Research April 1990 České Budějovice: Agriculture and Pesticides  This list does not include young investigator program workshops or regional training programs in analytical techniques for young investigators.
From page 62...
... September 1997 Prague: Science and Democracy (regional) German Democratic Republic October 1988 East Berlin: Biosciences March 1990 Irvine, California: Heterogeneous Catalysis Hungary October 1988 Budapest: Impacts of Scientific Exchanges October 1989 Irvine, California: Biotechnology and Pesticides April 1991 Budapest: Industrial Strategies and Policies December 1992 Research Triangle Park, North Carolina: Innovation and Knowledge-Based Economies June 1995 Miskolc: Technology Management March 2008 Budapest: Biosecurity (regional)
From page 63...
... Appendix 63 Slovenia April 1993 Washington, D.C.: Research and Development and Free Markets (with Croatia) Yugoslavia May 1982 Ljubljana: Robotics and Prosthetics April 1985 Washington, D.C.: Exposure to Heavy Metals May 1989 Zagreb: Research Results into Practice March 1994 Trieste: Impact of War on Child Health (regional)

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