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From page 87...
... Reaching these goals will require investing in a new approach to setting research goals -- taking a long-term and cross-cutting approach both to foundational science and technology development, and to evaluating progress and outcomes. A key factor in meeting these challenges will be putting in place a flexible and functional interface among all of the agencies whose programs touch on the life sciences.
From page 88...
... • The best way for the United States to capitalize on this scientific and technological opportunity is to add to its current research portfolio a New Biology effort that will accelerate understanding of complex biological systems, driving rapid progress in meeting societal challenges and advancing fundamental knowledge. Recommendation 1 The committee recommends a national initiative to accelerate the emergence and growth of the New Biology to achieve solutions to societal challenges in food, energy, environment, and health.
From page 89...
... • Development and implementation of genuinely interdisciplinary undergraduate courses and curricula will both prepare students for careers as New Biology researchers and educate a new generation of science teachers well versed in New Biology approaches. • Graduate training programs that include opportunities for interdisciplinary work are essential.

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