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... and the Survey of Federal Science and Engineering Support to Universities, Colleges, and Nonprofit Institutions (the federal support survey) -- provide some of the most significant data available to understand research and development (R&D)
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... With these issues in mind and at the request of the SRS, the Committee on National Statistics of the National Research Council convened this panel to review the uses and collection of data on federal funds and federal support for science and technology and to recommend future directions for the program based on an assessment of these uses and the adequacy of the surveys. The panel was also asked to consider the classification structure, or taxonomy, for the fields of science and engineering, which provides the framework for the federal funds survey as well as other SRS surveys.
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... The outreach effort would be assisted by the establishment of a more formal mechanism to achieve feedback on an ongoing basis and to provide a forum for guidance as demonstration and evaluation projects are mounted. The panel notes that, in contrast to the companion federal support survey and other SRS surveys that go out to the public, the federal funds survey does not provide respondents with any background on the law under which the data are collected, nor does it outline the important uses of the information.
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... Although SRS has developed web-based applications for reporting the data, the reporting formats do not make full use of the capabilities of the Internet, nor do they automate many of the functions that would make reporting easier for the responding agencies. Recommendation 3-5: The Division of Science Resources Statistics should invest in creating more user-friendly web surveys, possibly tai lored to each agency, to replace current web versions of the paper surveys.
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... Recommendation 4-2: The Division of Science Resources Statistics should work with the Office of Management and Budget to seek endorsement to work with other research and development funding agencies to incorporate intramural data into existing and future data bases or to directly access intramural spending information from per former databases. Demonstration projects offer the opportunity for SRS to work with reporting agencies and other stakeholders to achieve their collective needs.
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... , SRS has the opportunity to promulgate similar comprehensive systems in other agencies -- systems that incorporate taxonomic elements and permit cross-walks between programs, projects, and fields.

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