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6 The Path Ahead
Pages 69-71

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From page 69...
... . There is growing interest in building metrics to help science policy decision makers understand the role of government R&D spending in scientific advances and economic growth, and there are likewise strong forces propelling government agencies to enhance the content and accessibility of their administrative databases.
From page 70...
... Therefore, as NSF undertakes to work with agencies to make incremental improvements in reporting the survey information and continues to upgrade and to simplify its collection mechanisms as recommended in this report, the agency is advised to devote attention and resources to harnessing public policy interest in improving the reporting of federal spending, including R&D expenditures. The E-Government Act and the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act can be harnessed to provide powerful support in this effort, enabling NSF to advance in a manner that imposes little or no additional reporting burden on the reporting agencies.
From page 71...
... But the development of a cross-agency data federation and analysis framework building on administrative records and advanced retrieval technologies has great promise. As is becoming apparent in work going on in pioneering agencies, such as with the NIH RCDC project, and in the academic community where analysis has gained from advanced retrieval processes, there will be demonstrable gains in the efficiency, transparency, and analytical capacity for collecting and assessing federal investments in research and development.

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