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Appendix A: Acronyms and Abbreviations
Pages 77-79

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From page 77...
... Department of Energy DOI Digital Object Identifier system DTIC Defense Technical Information Center FAADS Federal Assistance Award Data System FAC Federal Audit Clearinghouse FFATA Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 FFRDC federally funded research and development center FICE Federal Interagency Committee on Education FPDS Federal Procurement Data System FPDS -- NG Federal Procurement Data System -- Next Generation HHS U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 
From page 78...
... Office of Science and Technology Policy OWL Web Ontology Language PCAST President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology PRIMUS PRIsm MUlti-object Survey RaDiUS Research and Development in the United States RCDC Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization system R&D research and development RDF resource description framework RDFA resource description framework in attributes RFFS resource description framework schema SBE Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences, NSF SciSIP Science of Science and Innovation Policy Program S&E science and engineering SKOS Simple Knowledge and Organization System SOC standard occupational classification SPARQL SPARQL Protocol and RDF query language SPIRES Scientific Publication Information Retrieval System SRS Division of Science Resources Statistics, NSF
From page 79...
...  APPENDIX A SWEO Semantic Web Education and Outreach Interest Group UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization URI uniform resource identifiers USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture W3C World Wide Web Consortium W3C SWEO World Wide Web Consortium Semantic Web Education and Outreach Group XML eXtensible Markup Language

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