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Appendix B: Guide to Federal Grants and Contracts Databases
Pages 80-83

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From page 80...
... As of fall 2008, did not offer an accessible system for aggregating data on either grant applications or grant awards, but the portal does offer some promise for enabling a common reporting system for data on research grant awards across multiple federal agencies. Because grant applicants complete the information entered into, this system offers an ideal mechanism for allowing individual scientists to note their field of science (for example, Ph.D.
From page 81...
... Although FAADS is neither an accounting system nor a searchable database, it provides detailed listings of federal awards to specific institutions, which permits detailed reports on federal funding by performing institutions, geographic locations, and type of performer. There is currently no simple method for separating research and development (R&D)
From page 82...
... The database includes hundreds of budget "versions" encompassing current and past policy, baseline, program and financing, object class, character class, credit, federal employment, financial management, program assessment, congressional action, and special budget exercise data. Research and development contacts are classified in object class 25.4 (advisory and assistance services)
From page 83...
...  APPENDIX B integrated with the NIH eRA Commons -- an online interface where grant applicants, grantees and federal staff at NIH and grantor agencies can access and share administrative information relating to research grants -- to permit a two-way flow of information between NIH and the external research community.

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