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Appendix A: America's Climate Choices: Membership Lists
Pages 251-254

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From page 251...
... bROWN, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta JONATHAN CANNON, University of Virginia, Charlottesville THOMAS DIETz, Michigan State University, East Lansing gEORgE C EADS, Charles River Associates, Washington, D.C.
From page 252...
... , Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta DOug ARENT, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado ANN CARLSON, University of California, Los Angeles MAJORA CARTER, Majora Carter Group, LLC, Bronx, New York LEON CLARKE, Joint Global Change Research Institute (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory/University of Maryland) , College Park, Maryland FRANCISCO DE LA CHESNAyE, Electric Power Research Institute, Washington, D.C.
From page 253...
... , Stanford University, California THOMAS DIETz ( Vice Chair) , Michigan State University, East Lansing WALEED AbDALATI, University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado ANTONIO J
From page 254...
... NEWTON, Dell, Inc., Round Rock, Texas vENKATACHALAM RAMASWAMy, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Princeton, New Jersey RICHARD RICHELS, Electric Power Research Institute, Inc., Washington, D.C.

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