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Appendix D: Explanation of the Rationale for Reasons of Concern
Pages 267-270

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From page 267...
... climate variability that manifests itself in the form of extreme weather events. Combining this with observed and anticipated impacts on unique and threatened human settlements, particularly for the Arctic region of the United States, it follows that this 
From page 268...
... , places the net economic cost of climate change for the United States associated with a 4.5ºF (2.5°C) warming relative to 1990 levels at 0.45 percent of market gross domestic product (GDP)
From page 269...
... . Planners there are beginning to consider investing billions of dollars in projects that are designed primarily to protect vital infrastructure from flooding associated with extreme weather (coastal storms and simply extreme precipitation events)
From page 270...
... A report released by the Military Advisory Board (MAB, 2007) summarizes the results of a relatively thorough review of security concerns for the United States that are derived from observed and prospective manifestations of climate change around the world; it is illustrative of the documents from the military and intelligence communities summarized in Chapter 6.

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