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From page 400...
... Abbreviations AEF America's Energy Future Ag silver APEEP Air Pollution Emission Experiments and Policy As arsenic AWEA American Wind Energy Association BBL barrel BD2- biodiesel 20% blend BOS balance of system Btu British thermal unit CAFE corporate average fuel economy CAIR Clean Air Interstate Rule CAMR Clear Air Mercury Rule CARB California Air Resources Board CCB coal combustion by-product CCR coal combustion residue CCS carbon capture and storage Cd cadmium CdTe cadmium-telluride CFR Code of Federal Regulations CG compressed gasoline CH4 methane CHP combined heat and power CMAQ Community Multiscale Air Quality model 400
From page 401...
... Department of Transportation E10 ethanol 10% blend E85 ethanol 85% blend EGR enhanced gas recovery EGU electricity-generating unit EIA Energy Information Administration EISA Energy Independence and Security Act EOR enhance oil recovery EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ERR estimated recoverable reserves EtOH ethanol FBC fluidized bed combustion FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FGD flue gas desulfurization FPEIS Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement FUND Climate Framework for Uncertainty, Negotiation, and Distribution GCM global climate model GDP gross domestic product gge gasoline gallon equivalent GHG greenhouse gas GWP global-warming potential GREET Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation GTCC greater than Class C GW gigawatt GWh gigawatt hour
From page 402...
... 402 HIDDEN COSTS OF ENERGY HAP hazardous air pollutant HDDV heavy-duty diesel vehicle HDGV heavy-duty gasoline vehicle HDV heavy-duty vehicle HDDV heavy-duty diesel vehicle HDGV heavy-duty gasoline vehicle HEV hybrid electricity vehicle HFCV hydogren fuel-cell vehicle Hg mercury HLRW high-level radioactive wastes IAM integrated assessment model IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IRIS Integrated Risk Information System kW kilowatt kWh kilowatt hour LCA life-cycle assessment LCIA life-cycle impact assessment LDV light-duty vehicle LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LLRW low-level radioactive wastes LNG liquified natural gas LWR light water reactors MCF thousand cubic feet MMBtu million British thermal units Mn manganese Mo molybdenum MOVES Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator MSRP manufacturer's suggested retail price MTM/VF mountain top mining/valley fill MW megawatt MWh megawatt hour N2O nitrous oxide NEI National Emissions Inventory NEMS National Energy Modeling System NEPA National Environmental Policy Act NERC North American Electric Reliability Corporation NG natural gas NGV natural gas vehicle
From page 403...
... PRB Powder River Basin PV photovoltaic QALY quality-adjusted life year quads quadrillion British thermal units R&D research and development RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act RFF Resources for the Future RFG reformulated gasoline RICE Regional Integrated Model of Climate and the Economy SAB Science Advisory Board Se selenium SF6 sulfur hexafluoride SI spark-ignition SIDI spark-ignition, direct-injection SO2 sulfur dioxide SOx sulfur oxides SPR strategic petroleum reserve SRR source-receptor relationships
From page 404...
... 404 HIDDEN COSTS OF ENERGY SUV sports utility vehicle THC thermohaline circulation Tl thallium TWh terawatt hour USD U.S. dollars VHTR very-high-temperature reactor VMT vehicle miles traveled VOC volatile organic compound VSL value of a statistical life WDL workdays lost Zn zinc

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