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Appendix E: Supplemental Information on Land-Use Externalities from Biofuels: A Case Study of the Boone River Watershed
Pages 470-474

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From page 470...
... Continuous corn: The existing corn acreage that rotates with soybeans is converted to continuous corn -- a change to about 90% of the acreage. As there is very little Conservation Reserve Program land or idle land in this watershed, this change is the main way in which planting decisions in this watershed can respond to increased demand for corn usage via ethanol.
From page 471...
... Additional data sources include soils information from the Soil Survey Geographic Database and the Iowa Soil Properties and Interpretations Database, climate data from NOAA and the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, topographic information from the Iowa Digital Elevation Model, and livestock operations from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Extensive additional details on these and other data sources used to populate the model can be found in Gassman (2008)
From page 472...
... 472 APPENDIX E FIGURE E-1  The Boone River Watershed. Figure E-1 TABLE E-1  Boone River Watershed Baseline Cropping Pattern possibly color Percent of R01631 Acres Watershed Corn-soybean rotation uneditable bitmapped image 474,000 89 Continuous corn rotation 21,000 4 Pasture 16,000 3 Conservation Reserve Program 13,000 2 Other (mixture of other rotations and alfalfa)
From page 473...
... 2008. A Simulation Assessment of the Boone River Watershed: Baseline Cali bration/Validation Results and Issues, and Future Research Needs.

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