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Appendix E: History of Public Engagement at the National Vaccine Program Office
Pages 313-316

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From page 313...
... The Wingspread Public Engagement Planning Group considered the recommendations of its Steering Committee and finalized its best judgment on how to enhance public engagement, which is captured in the proposal to create the Vaccine Policy Analysis Collaborative (VPACE) , a 3-year demonstration project designed to conduct dialogue and collaborative deliberations on selected vaccine issues with representative segments of the general public and stakeholder groups (Hamlin, 2004)
From page 314...
... For the draft National Vaccine Plan, NVPO has solicited feedback via the Federal Register; through vaccine-related meetings in which NVPO staff discussed the plan; and at an NVAC meeting in February 2009 to discuss the plan and comments on the draft plan received by NVPO. NVPO also held three public engagement activities in March and April 2009 in Saint Louis, Missouri; Syracuse, New York; and Columbus, Ohio (HHS, 2009a)
From page 315...
... 2005. Citizen Voices on Pandemic Flu Choices: A Report of the Public Engagement Pillot Project on Pandemic Influenza.

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