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Appendix A: Statement of Task
Pages 197-198

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From page 197...
... A balanced committee of 15 people will be formed to prepare an NRC report surveying scientific uses of the spectrum. Following is the committee's statement of task: The committee will prepare a report exploring the scientific uses of the radio spectrum which will: • Portray the science that is currently being conducted using the radio spectrum; • Identify the spectrum requirements necessary to conduct research; • Identify the anticipated future spectrum requirements for at least the next 10 years; and 
From page 198...
... sPectrum management science 21st century  for in the • Advise spectrum policy-makers on the value to the nation of accommodating scien tific uses of the spectrum, recognizing the need to balance multiple communities. The committee will comment on the spectrum use by the relevant scientific communi ties but will not make recommendations on the allocation of specific frequencies.

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