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Appendix G: Glossary
Pages 226-230

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From page 226...
... that is not part of the main beam. array: An interferometric observational scheme that employs multiple linked antennas or dishes to mimic the capabilities of a much larger, single dish.
From page 227...
... Environmental Data Record (EDR) : Characteristic information regarding an environment that has been observed: once an Earth remote sensing observatory collects incident radiation and it is sent to researchers for processing, the researchers organize the data and interpret them to produce EDRs.
From page 228...
... out-of-band emission: A type of emission that causes interference on a frequency or frequencies immediately outside the necessary bandwidth and that results from the modulation process, but excluding spurious emissions. Part 15 device: A device that is regulated by Section 15 of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations and therefore is not subject to licensing before radiating on an intentional or unintentional basis.
From page 229...
... radio science: Any scientific endeavor that employs the use of radio or microwave radiation to explore the fundamental characteristics of natural phenomena. radiosonde: An instrument flown aboard a weather balloon to measure localized, current atmospheric parameters.
From page 230...
... spurious emission: Emission that causes interference on a frequency or frequencies that are outside the necessary bandwidth and the level of which may be reduced without affecting the corresponding transmission of information. Spurious emis sions include harmonic emissions, parasitic emissions, intermodulation products, and frequency conversion products but exclude out-of-band emissions.

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